The Z314 Semi-Automatic Wall Thickness Analyser defines the standard for dimensional inspection


The Z314 measures cups and straight walled cans’ wall thickness. Utilising a single point wall thickness transducer based on industry standard Torus Z301 Front End Gauge.

The Z314 Wall Thickness Analyser ensures accurate wall thickness inspection of cups, straight walled cans or 2pc bottle cans with no need for tooling changeover.


Torus Beverage Can Gauging


Measurement Features

  • Wall Thickness | Can accuracy: +/- 0.001 mm | Cup Accuracy: +\- 0.002 mm
  • Mid Wall Thickness | Can accuracy: +/- 0.001 mm | Cup Accuracy: +\- 0.002 mm
  • Average/Range/Max/Min | Can accuracy: +/- 0.001 mm | Cup Accuracy: +\- 0.002 mm


Technical Specification

  • Can Body Diameter Range | Typical Range: 45 mm – 100 mm Ø
  • Cup Range | Typical Range: Up to 115 mm Ø
  • Measuring Envelope Diameter | Typical Range: 12 mm – 100 mm Ø
  • Vertical Height Capability (Automatic) | Typical Range: 16 mm – 220 mm
  • Wall Thickness | Typical Range: 0 mm – 0.5 mm
  • Direct correlation with industry standard Torus Z301 Front End Gauge
  • Our GaugeXplorer software uses sophisticated motion control, which allows tooling to be adjusted quickly, removing the need for extensive changeover tooling
  • A single high-accuracy measuring transducer with sub-micron resolution is used to collect the measurement data processing by the GaugeXplorer software at the appropriate position
  • On-screen graphical displays of the wall profile, clearly show thick and thin wall areas and transition steps produced by the Punch Tool and Ironing Ring

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