The Z311 Punch Inspection Gauge defines the standard for dimensional inspection of 2 piece beverage/beer can punch tooling


The Z311 Punch Gauge has been designed to measure a wide range of Punch sizes typically found in the metal container industry. Available as a semi-automatic (manually loaded) system, designed to measure a wide range of punch sizes typically found in the metal container industry.


Torus Beverage Can Gauging


Measurement Features

  • Ovality
  • Major Diameter(s): Max/Min/Average/Range
  • Major Diameter Ovality: Max/Min/Average/Range
  • Minor Diameter(s): Max/Min/Average/Range
  • Minor Diameter Ovality: Max/Min/Average/Range
  • Upper Transition
  • Step ‘T’
  • Verification Diameters
  • Verification Taper
  • Verification Dimension for Max Design
  • Lower Transition Angle
  • Step Intersection(s)


Technical Specification

  • Punch Diameters | Typical Range: Ø 202 – Ø 307 (52 – 94 mm)
  • Maximum Scanning Length | Typical Range: 235 mm (Maximum Loading Length: 260 mm)
  • Flexible part programs allow the operator to define specific measurement positions on the punch and store them for future use
  • Accurate, repeatable and traceable measurement of your punch tooling
  • The ability to match punches to ironing dies to maintain can wall thickness
  • Allows punch wear to be monitored in order to perform preventive maintenance
  • Improves process control

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