The Z307 Semi-Automatic Bench Top Axial Load Gauge determines the maximum axial load force that can be applied prior to container failure within a short cycle time.


The test will begin once top tooling has detected the start of the axial load via the high accuracy mapped load cell, gathering accurate data throughout the inspection routine. Once the can sample has reached the buckle/column strength maximum achievable load, the result will be shown on screen and exported as necessary.

Measurement Features
Axial Load – The maximum force at which the container fails/collapses | Accuracy: +/- 10 N


Technical Specification

  • Can Materials | Aluminium
  • Can Finished Height Range | Typical Range: 87 – 190 mm
  • Can Outer Body Diameter | Typical Range: Ø < 35mm
  • Internal Neck Diameter | Typical Range: Ø 25.4mm (but not limited to)
  • Axial Load | Typical Range: ≤ 2000 N


Gauge Features

  • Industry standard location patterns for component neck support
  • Selectable crush speed
  • Factory set patterns to ensure parallelism between gauge tooling faces
  • Available for both straight walled and finished aerosol cans
  • Multi-size capability with quick change tooling
  • Short cycle times due to the latest high-performance stepper motors (selectable crush speed)
  • Customer-specific data outputs (kgs, lbf, newtons)
  • High-accuracy axial load cell technology
  • Available for trimmed and finished aerosol cans

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