The Z411 Shell Inspection System from Torus Measurement Systems defines the standard for dimensional inspection of food can shells.


Each food shell to be inspected is automatically collected from a ‘stack’ and loaded into the gauging module with an integrated pick and place system. The measurement cycle is then initiated via the PC running the TMS GaugeXplorer Measurement and Machine Control software.


Torus Shells and Ends

Beverage Shells and Ends


Measurement Features

  • Overall Height | Accuracy: +\- 0.015 mm
  • Metal Thickness | Accuracy: +\- 0.007 mm
  • Outer Diameter | Accuracy: +\- 0.015 mm
  • Countersink Depth| Accuracy: +\- 0.015 mm
  • Curl Height | Accuracy: +\- 0.015 mm


Additional Features (upon request)

  • Curl Opening | Accuracy: +\- 0.030 mm
  • Inner Curl Diameter | Accuracy: +\- 0.030 mm
  • Panel Depth | Accuracy: +\- 0.010 mm


Line Scan Laser Features (optional upgrade)

  • Panel Profile | Accuracy: +\- 0.030 mm


Technical Specification

  • Shell Materials | Aluminium/Steel
  • Shell Stages | Pre-Curl, Form, Finished
  • Size config. 1 | 100-200
  • Size config. 2 | 200-211
  • Size config. 1 | 307-603


  • Fast and accurate measurement data
  • No change parts
  • Can be supplied for a single-fixed diameter of food shell, or for facilities producing multiple sizes (Please refer to the size config. table above). A fully automatic adjustable version is available.
  • Operator can define which features are inspected at up to 16 selectable positions
  • Pre-curl and finished shells can be measured with no mechanical changeover
  • Hopper type handling system, one or two load/unload hopper cassettes (stack of shells up to 98mm height)

Automatic Grain Alignment

The grain alignment option allows operators to gain information of where exact measurement points are taken, allowing for precise tooling adjustment to be made where required.

Line Scan Laser Features (Optional upgrade)

Panel Profile, including:

  • Bead Pitch
  • Bead Spacing and Depth
  • Panel Profile Depth
  • First Panel Depth
  • First Bead Height
  • Panel Bead Diameter

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