The “Enhanced” Opening Force Gauge from Torus Measurement Systems builds on the success of the standard model used by leading end makers.


By monitoring critical manufacturing parameters over time and relating the press performance to the change in the ends opening signature, the manufacturing process capability can be observed. This trend monitoring is extremely beneficial to the process engineer, in predicting potential out-of-spec score residual and other critical features. By sampling ends from the production line, the Opening Force Gauge can monitor tooling wear in real-time and provide significant savings in both labour and scrap.


Torus Shells and Ends

Beverage Shells and Ends


Measurement Features

  • Pop and Tear Force/Angle | Dead Weight Accuracy: +/- 0.2 lbf (0.09 kgf)
  • Tab Strength Force/Angle
  • Tab Differential
  • Partial Opening Force/Angle
  • Vertical Drop Angle
  • Programmable Pressurization | Accuracy:  0-95 PSI (6.5 bar)
  • Load Capacity | 200 ends


Technical Specification

  • Size Range | 200-300 diameters (tooling change required for different ends)
  • End Type | SOT / RPT
  • Pull Load Range | 0.25 lbf (11.3 kgf) with overload protection
  • Quick-change tooling design
  • Automatic tooling adjustment (Multi Axis Control)
  • Tab strength with automatic tab rotation
  • Programmable pressurisation
  • Optional features available: Vent and Missile (Pass/Fail), Score Aperture Opening (Tuck Under), RPT Capability
Pop and Tear
Shift Data Comparison –  Pop and Tear1 

Tab Strength
Shift Data Comparison –  Tab Strength


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