The B302 Semi-Automatic Aerosol Inspectio Gauge us unrivalled in non-contact dimensional inspection equipment.


Interchangeable location tooling provides the capability to measure a wide variety of industry can sizes within one platform, future production proofing the machine. 


Reporting options such as standard CSV or Statistical Process Control (SPC).


Traceable to UKAS standards.

Measurement Features

  • Optical Features | Includes: Diameters, Heights, Pitch, Depth, Intersections, Angles | Accuracy: +/- 0.030 mm


Technical Specification

  • Material Types | Aluminium/Steel
  • Component Outer Neck Diameter≤ Ø 200 mm
  • Component Internal Neck DiameterØ 8.00 mm – 170.00 mm
  • Component Height Range | ≤ 400 mm
  • Over 7000 measurement data points per bottle
  • Quick-snap pre-programmed industry standard neck features
  • Programmable neck features for full measurement flexibility
  • Programmable body features, including dynamic rotational search functionality with max. and min. form and diameter features, perfect for minor, major and pinch diameters 
  • Self-teach profile scan function

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