The Z313 Series Enamel Rater can be specified for conveyor loaded (automatic) or fully line fed (in-line) operation


The Z313 Enamel Rater measures the lacquer integrity of metal cans, with a typical throughput speed of 3 cans per minute.

The system can be specified with Torus’ optional LSM/ISG Recognition Camera Module, ensuring SPC data output is “tagged” with the relevant traceability for effective remedial actions.

Measurement Features


  • Enamel Rating (mA) 0 – 100 mA | Accuracy: +/- 01 mA | R&R: 0.2 mA
  • Enamel Rating (mA) 100 mA + | Accuracy: +/- 0.5 mA | R&R: +\- 1.0 mA


Measurement Features

Hi-Res (typically for plants running steel cans)

  • Enamel Rating (mA) 0 – 100 mA | Accuracy: +/- 0.02 mA | R&R: 0.02 mA
  • Enamel Rating (mA) 100 mA + | Accuracy: +/- 0.1 mA | R&R: 0.2 mA


Technical Specification

  • Can Materials | Aluminium (Hi-Res for steel)
  • Can Stages | Finished, Straight Walled
  • Can Finished Height Range | Typical Range: 90 – 220 mm
  • Internal Neck Diameter | Typical Range: Ø 25.4 mm (but not limited to)
  • Component Outer Body Diameter | Typical Range: Ø 35 – Ø 55 (but not limited to)
  • Ø 35 – Ø 55 (but not limited to) body size capability and NO change parts
  • Conveyor loaded or in-line operation
  • Optional ‘internal spray gun’ recognition camera module
  • ‘Posi-Fill’ system for complete fill speed and level control
  • 3 cans per minute throughput
  • High-accuracy ‘rating’ system
  • In-cycle conductivity monitoring giving customers confidence in their mA results

Our modular gauge setups are unique and allow you to customise your gauge as and when you require, giving you the flexibility to ensure you have a total quality solution.

  1. Start with the standard Z313 Enamel Rating (Metal Exposure) Gauge (5)…
  2. … add any of the below optional modules at any time.
  1.  Multi Lane Input Conveyor
  2. Vision Module
  3. Enamel Rating Module
  4. Lacquer Distribution Module(Visible/NIR)

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