The Z346 is capable of inspecting 202-300 body diameter, straight walled and finished cans with minimal change parts. Providing direct correlation to Torus’ Z345 Automatic Colour Inspection System, the Z346 boasts an easy to use platform for the inspection of multiple decorations, giving you direct data transfer into your chosen SPC package.


Torus Beverage Can Gauging


Measurement Features

  • L*Value: Light-Dark
  • a*Value: Green (-a) – Red (+a)
  • b*Value: Blue (-b) – Yellow (+b)
  • c Value: Chromo / Saturation
  • h Value: Hue
  • Delta E: Change in total colour from nominal reference
  • DeltaEcmc: Change in total colour in accordance with cmc tolerancing from nominal reference


Technical Specification

  • Can Body Diameter Range | Typical Range: Ø 202 – Ø 300 body diameters
  • Trimmed Height Range | Typical Range: From 85 mm – 250 mm
  • Straight Walled and Finished Can compatible
  • Quantifiable colour measurement
  • Delivers fast, reliable, accurate colour inspection of the decorated aluminium or steel beverage can
  • Provides complete L*, a*, b*, Cmc, E2000 and E94 data for full traceability
  • Early warning limits meaning decorators can be adjusted before colours go out of tolerance

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