Designed specifically for 2 piece can manufacturers who “reform” their cans, this small inspection gauge gives critical measurement information on the setup of each head of your reformer


The scanner utilises proven contact measurement technology to scan the form of the reformed profile and incorporates a entering check to accurately locate Ø 202 – Ø 300 body cans.


Torus Beverage Can Gauging


Measurement Features

  • Reform Diameter | Accuracy: +/- 0.010 mm
  • Internal Reform Diameter | Accuracy: +/- 0.010 mm
  • Internal Reform Height | Accuracy: +/- 0.030 mm
  • Reformed Dome Depth | Accuracy: +/- 0.010 mm


Technical Specification

  • Can Materials | Aluminium
  • Can Stages | Finished, Reformed
  • Can Finished Dome Depth Range | Typical Range: 9 – 13 mm
  • Can Internal Reform Diameter | Typical Range: Ø 43.8 mm – Ø 54.0 mm
  • Can Internal Reform Height | Typical Range: 0 – 4 mm
  • Can Internal Dome Diameter | Typical Range: Ø 43.8 mm – Ø 54.0 mm
  • Important traceability can be tagged to ensure easy analysis and comparison to other key performance tests, such as Dome Reversal Performance
  • Correlates directly with the Torus Z302 Back End Gauge with reform scanning tooling
  • Provides accurate reform profile measurement to allow for monitoring tool wear and adjustment within the can reforming process
  • Multi-size capability with no change parts

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