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Being a leader in quality control equipment for the plastics industry, specialising in traceable high accuracy measurements of all aspects of plastic bottles, it was important to demonstrate our TQ Lab at NPE this year. Combining three modular systems to offer measurements for neck and body dimensions, thickness distribution, load, volume, and weight, the TQ Lab system is fully automated enabling batch loading of up to 50 bottles onto a conveyor system or with the option to be integrated within the production line.

Our on stand demonstration showcased the following modules and measurement testing:

The B302 Thread, Body and Thickness Module offers the complete set of external dimension measurement across all areas of plastic bottles. All neck, body and height features needed to ensure production quality is maintained can be measured in seconds, with industry leading accuracies achieved thanks to Torus’ cutting edge telecentric camera setup. Thread & Body alignment routines, automatically position the bottle for measurement, removing operator bias and labour intensive checks. Combining white light technology and orientating the bottle with the base up allows thickness measurements on the shoulder, panel and base to ensure optimal material saving is achieved. 

The B309 Internal Diameter Module also uses white light confocal technology enabling the non-contact inspection of internal neck diameters, removing the operator and measurement influences of traditional contact methods. The module covers small neck opening to wide neck finishes by implementing a pioneering right angled sensor, combined with a precision gantry system. This bespoke setup allows measurements at user specified heights from the sealing surface.

The B304 Top Load, Volume and Weight Module offers testing of the bottle’s structural integrity, providing the functionality to perform wet top loads, brimful volumes and programmable fill height measurements within one measurement cycle. The system has the functionality to automatically fill and drain bottles for all wet testing routines. Load tests range from vented, sealed, capped or side load capability, allowing full flexibility to meet industry requirements. 

This industry leading automated system has been designed with the consideration of the broad range of bottles manufactured globally and the ever-developing packaging sector. Torus provides automated solutions without sacrificing our measurement principles, using our wealth of experience to ensure the correct inspection method is selected for the application. With a global presence, our strategically placed team will provide support from the point of installation through continuing maintenance, ensuring the quality of the system through its lifecycle. 

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