Torus’ TQ-Lab is a unique, total quality testing station for plastic packaging such as plastic bottles and jars, typically used for soft drinks, health supplements, cosmetics, and domestic cleaning products. Plastics packaging requires precision measurement of aspects such as material thickness, outer body and neck physical dimensions, neck diameter and volume as well as load testing for crushing and pressure. The TQ-Lab can undertake all the necessary tests on both empty and filled plastic containers or preforms in a single system. The multi-module concept improves accuracy and repeatability, reduces time and labour costs and saves on floor space in production environments. Once batches of plastic containers are placed onto the turnaround conveyor, the operator simply selects the relevant program and walks away.



The proven contact measurement technology ensures accurate, reliable and traceable measurement 24/7.

Technical Specification

  • Component MaterialsPET, PP, TRITAN, PEF, HDPE
  • Component Neck FinishThread, Continuous thread, split thread, PCO, SP, ROPP, Snap, Clinch
  • Component ShapesRound, Round with petals, Oval, Square, Non-Symmetrical, Off-centre neck
  • Component Height Range80 – 400 mm
  • Component Gripper Pick Up Height75 – 395 mm
  • Component Outer Body Diameter RangeØ 15 – Ø 160 mm
  • Component Internal Neck Diameter RangeØ 15 – Ø 45 mm
  • Component Outer Neck Diameter RangeØ 18 – Ø 54 mm
  • Component Weight Range5 – 3000 g


Measurement Features

Choose from between 2 and 4 measurement modules to customise your TQ Lab:

  • B302 – Thread, Body and Thickness Module
  • B304 – Load, Volume and Weight Module
  • B303 – Burst Pressures Module
  • B309 – Internal Diameter Module
  • Worlds only Fully Automatic Bottle Inspection Laboratory
  • Providing over 8,000 measurement data points across the full range of Dimensional and Destructive module options
  • All required inspection features completed in one system, reducing testing time, equipment requirement and floor space
  • GaugeXplorer operating system, enables fast part program generation completed on the gauge, Industry Standard and programmable features can be renamed to local measurement feature requirements at customers facility
  • CSV data output and flexible formatting for input in to local data handling/control systems at customers facility
  • Remote support package, which includes automatic gauge monitoring and reporting back to Torus for proactive response
  • Measurements traceable and certified to UKAS standards, with internal Torus annual calibration recall system, for continued measurement assurance
  • Configurable conveyor options, for batches of up to 50 components, with interchangeable pallet options specific to the customers bottle portfolio

Our modular gauge setups are unique and allow you to customise your gauge as and when you require, giving you the flexibility to ensure you have a total quality solution.

Choose from a range of conveyor options, and finally choose your modules (a minimum of a 2 station configuration through to a maximum of 4).

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