The B305 gauge is a modular system that can inspect and measure to find all of your preform defects. Each module can be selected by the customer allowing the configuration to suit your quality control needs. Dimensional measurements are calibrated automatically and can be traced to UKAS standards giving the user a full shot quality overview in approximately 15 minutes.


A full range of modular inspection station options, enables the customer to identify the inspection requirements and configure a system to suit the needs of the production facility. 


Automatic thread start alignment provides unrivalled ‘absolute’ dimensional measurement system performance, for both Neck and Body features, traceable and certified to UKAS Standards. 


Using state-of-the-art optical technology and illumination the system can provide a wide variety of defect analysis for features such as Gate and Seal, Body Defects and Plastic Flow. 


The UV and Colour Inspection quickly provides checks on UV transmission rates and Colour data against customer preform specification.


The loading bowl feeder, enables the operator to load full shots of preforms, with traceable measurement results provided by the Cavity Identification Module.

Technical Specification

  • Material Types | PET, PP, TRITAN, PEF
  • Component Colours | Opaque and Clear
  • Component Neck FinishThread, Continuous thread, Split thread, PCI, SP, ROPP, Snap, Clinch
  • Component Height Range | 60.00 – 200.00 mm
  • Component Outer Body Diameter Range≤ 40 mm
  • Component Internal Neck Diameter RangeØ 16 – Ø 34 mm
  • Component Weight Range | 0-250 g
  • Component Neck Height | ≤ 35 mm
  • Live batch data and part overview screens during operation
  • High speed throughput – Cycle Times < 15 seconds per part – designed to run 24 hours a day, 7 days a week 
  • Full shot (batch) loading via quick access bowl feeder with up to 150 preforms load capacity at a time
  • Traceable measurement data without operator influence.
  • Flexible pallet system providing capability for a wide range of Preform types
  • CSV Data output and flexible formatting for input into local data handling / control systems at customers facility
  • Remote Support package, which includes automatic gauge monitoring and reporting back to Torus for proactive response
  • Automatic calibration/qualification on all gauging as standard
  • Measurements traceable and certified to UKAS/NIST Standards, with internal Torus annual calibration recall system, for continued measurement assurance
  • Link in to Husky Shotscope which gathers the current production and avoids operator errors

Our modular gauge setups are unique and allow you to customise your gauge as and when you require, giving you the flexibility to ensure you have a total quality solution.

  1. Add any of the below modules:
  1.  Cavity Identification module
  2. Weight module
  3. Dimensional module
  4. Body Inspection module
  5. Gate and Seal module
  6. UV and Colour module
  7. Internal Diameter module
  8. Polarisation module

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