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Torus are pleased to feature in the latest edition of Aerosol Focus – the newsletter released by BAMA – highlighting our latest in innovation, the B303 Aerosol Burst Gauge. BAMA write:

“Few in our industry know that Torus offer a full range of dimensional and destructive inspection equipment for the Metal Packaging industry, including Aerosol 2 and 3-piece cans. Options range from manual, semi-automatic, automatic, to fully integrated in line solutions.

Torus gauges are industry 4.0 ready, offering the ability to directly transfer live data to customer-specific networks, giving the user complete confidence in their process control.

Their B303 semi-automatic Aerosol Burst Gauge monitors expansion volumes, and deformation points, with a live pressure vs. time vs. volume graphical display.

Quick-change tooling provides the capability to cover a wide range of industry neck finishes, as customer requirements and portfolios develop. The system covers the full range of industry aerosol containers and it can be fed by mains water supply or from a recirculated-water tank.

The B303 Semi-Automatic Aerosol Burst gauge is also available as an automatic module as part of the Torus Total Quality (TQ) Lab.”

For more information on our Aerosol Burst gauge, please visit here.