The B303 Semi-Automatic Aerosol Burst Gauge has been developed to verify production aerosols meet the minimum requirements for deformation and burst pressures.


The system monitors expansion volumes, and yield points to provide important information regarding the stability of the finished aerosol can.


Quick-change tooling provides the capability to cover a wide range of industry neck finishes, future production proofing the machine as customer requirements and portfolios develop. With an expansion volume of up to 1800ml, the system covers the full range of industry aerosol containers.


The system has the option of being mains water supplied or recirculating from a local water tank, reducing running costs and therefore cost of ownership.


Reporting options such as standard CSV or Statistical Process Control (SPC).


Traceable to UKAS standards.

Measurement Features

  • Burst Pressure | bar, PSI | Accuracy: +/- 0.2 bar
  • Expansion Volume | ml | Accuracy: +/- 20.00 ml
  • Expansion %
  • Pressure Hold Out | Pass/Fail
  • Yield Point Pressure | bar, PSI
  • Yield Point Expansion Volume | %
  • Test Time | Seconds


Technical Specification

  • Material Types | Aluminium/Steel
  • Component Volume Range≤ 3000 ml
  • Component Neck Diameter | 12.5 mm – 42 mm
  • Component Height Range | ≤ 482 ml
  • Component Body Diameter≤ Ø 180 mm
  • Component Burst Pressure≤ 35 bar
  • Component Expansion Volume | ≤ 1800 ml
  • Component Neck Height | ≤ 25 mm


Pressure and Expansion Options

  • Mid Range Pressure | 35 bar / 1.8 L
  • Interchangeable neck diameter tooling to cover a wider range of bottle neck finishes and diameters without sacrificing sealing capability
  • Recirculating water tank reduces cost of ownership
  • Live Pressure vs. Time vs. Volume graphical display
  • Automated material yield pressure and volume
  • 3 hold periods and pressure range
  • Burst mode for quick cycle times

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