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Maintaining fuel efficiency throughout the Turbo Fan engines life is vital to the operators. With this in mind, Torus Group developed the A521 CNC Fan Track Boring Machine. The machine is currently in operation, in both Production and MRO Facilities globally.

The A521 has the capability of machining complete or even partially re-lined fan cases, of all engine types with minimal tooling change requirements, utilising fewer personnel, producing a more accurate profile than traditional methods in a fraction of the time.

The A521 Fan Track Boring Machine features CNC cutting path negating the need for expensive fixed profile templates prone to inaccuracy and wear. Additionally, cutting profiles can be easily produced from the fan tracks CAD files giving unprecedented flexibility, dramatically reducing lead time and costs for new profile variants.

The integrated measurement system is utilised for pre-machining inspection optimising the cutting sequence to provide ultimate machining efficiency. Once the machining is complete, the measurement system automatically conducts a full inspection, producing a measurement report tailored to the end users’ requirements which include full profile scanning, multiple gauge point measurement and full radial scanning. These reports, not only ensure total traceability for all machined engines, but also mean that the Leading and Trailing edge fan-tip clearance check, becomes a single operation, where as previously, this laborious process may have been repeated two or three times before the fan track was cut to size.

Furthermore, the fan-track can be ‘reverse’ engineered to suit the fan-set, optimising efficiency, not only of the process but of the airflow and ultimately fuel burn.


Capable of machining partial fan tracks (maybe required at overhaul) & full fan tracks (typical to engine production). 

There is also the facility to custom cut profile diameter to match the fan set.

Integrated vacuum extraction system removes dust directly from the cutting tip, leaving the working environment free from contamination, meaning that the cutting operation can be conducted in the engine build area. 

Transportable through the factory once folded away into its compact position on the wheeled base.

All interlocked guarding is integrated within the trolley, and once machine is located, is quickly & easily positioned. 

Loading of the machine onto the engine is effortless; the pneumatic manipulator is balanced to give the boring bar an almost weightless feel. This of course, also ensures there are minimal external forces on the LP shaft or through the fan case during machining.

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