Quality and Inspection Services

Below is a list of all services offered by Torus Manufacturing.

Quality and Inspection Services

 We employ in-process audit and inspection programs to guarantee the quality of manufacture. Our quality engineers inspect all parts prior to shipping and as standard we provide a certificate of conformity which accompanies all goods supplied.

Our expertise and technical knowledge can assist you with your inspection requirements. From ‘one off’  first off samples (ISIR), direct comparison to CAD data, to large-scale volume production; our team of highly experienced engineers have an in depth knowledge across a variety of industry sectors including automotive, presswork, aerospace, plastics and the medical sector.

We provide a range of additional inspection options which can be tailored to your specific requirements, additional Inspection is carried out in our Group UKAS accredited laboratory. When creating a quotation we will work with you to determine what inspection method best suits your needs

Stock Holding Services 

We provide stock management services for our customers. We can manage stock via call-off agreements or replenish stock on site at our customers premisses through the implementation of Kanban systems which are monitored and maintained by our logistics team.

Regular reports provide complete visibility of stock usage and recommend amendments to the levels of stock being held.

Our stock holding services:

1. Reduce inventory value (stock is only paid for when called off or used)

2. Spread stock holding costs whilst still achieving economy of scale savings.

3. Optimise inventory levels.

4. Minimise warehouse space used.

5. Increase inventory control through regular review.

6. Increase efficiency and productivity by limiting component shortage risk.

Tooling Care Services

To maximise the life and performance of Jigs, Fixtures and Gauges we offer regular maintenance programs. We work closely with our customers to implement tooling recall schedules. When tooling is recalled, Inspection is carried out at our site to pre-defined criteria at regular intervals and If refurbishment or repair requirements are identified, we consult with our customers to implement repair, refurbishment or replacement as required.

We offer logistics services as part of our maintenance programs, collecting from and returning tooling to customers sites to a schedule that aligns with production plans.

All tooling is returned with a conformance and inspection certificate.

Maintenance programs allow meaningful data to be collected, extending or reducing recall frequency and producing failure analysis information which can be used to improve future tooling designs.

Our maintenance programs:

1. Reduce tooling failure and unplanned downtime.

2. Extend tooling life

3. Help keep unplanned costs under control.

4. Improve production efficiency.

5. Provide traceable inspection to prove conformance of tooling.

Shipping and Freight Services

We can ship to anywhere in the world.

We offer a range of shipping and freight services. Our logistics department will oversee shipping from start to finish and are fully conversant with international import / export procedures and documentation requirements.

When creating a quotation we will work with you to determine the shipping method that best suits your needs and provide a competitive shipping quote accordingly.

Our Divisions

Through our four key divisions we deliver a range of measurement and inspection systems, metrology services, manufacturing services and machine enclosure solutions, as well as our online store for aluminium profile components and workspace solutions.

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