CMM Services

Torus have the capability, along with our technical partners, to support most types of CMM.


Torus have carried out refurbishment of obsolete drive systems, and/or replacements. Torus have inhouse design and manufacturing facilities, to repair or replace items which are no longer available. 

Obsolete reader heads are replaced with current 
CMM Breakdown 4

Torus CMM Moves 

CMM Move
Torus have the capability to de-commission, move and re-commission most manufacturers and types of CMM. Working with our CMM heavy lift company, Torus can relocate a CMM anywhere in the UK and abroad.

Error Mapping 

After the re-commission process an assessment of results determines whether a verification or calibration is required. If adjustments to the error map are required then Torus use Xpert Mapping ™ to achieve OEM specification.
Error Mapping

Shipping / Transportation Brackets 

Transport Bracket
If the OEM shipping brackets are unavailable, Torus can supply custom made bracketry to guarantee safe transportation of your CMMs.

Granite Repairs 

Torus have access to granite repair services. 
This includes chips, holes and general wear in the bearing surfaces. Any physical alterations are then removed by adjusting the error map.
Surface Table

Jog Boxes

Jog Box
Jog boxes are often the main point of failure – they are the most handled item and can be dropped. 
Torus and our partners hold refurbished jog boxes for many brands of CMM and offer either a loan unit whilst yours is being repaired or a repair by exchanging – sending your old unit in and recieving a professionally refurbished unit in exchange.

Legacy Controllers

Torus and our partners have a robust collection of spares for legacy controllers – including replacements for many types of CMM. We also have many modern replacement parts for obsolete boards and power supplies.
We are also working on a complete controller replacement, that doesn’t require updating the software via OEM – which is often 50% of the cost of a retrofit.
Legacy Controller


Torus along with our technical partners have historically been on site within 48 hours Most cases this results in a repair on the first visit – as we assess the job before attending and try to bring as many spares as possible.

Our Divisions

Through our four key divisions we deliver a range of measurement and inspection systems, metrology services, manufacturing services and machine enclosure solutions, as well as our online store for aluminium profile components and workspace solutions.

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