Romer Absolute Arm Calibration

Now owned by Hexagon, Romer Absolute Arms/Absolute arms are highly customisable, with 36 different combinations of model, accuracy level and size available. These are some of the top arms on the market.


We offer UKAS calibration, testing cleaning and servicing of the following Romer / Hexagon models: 

  • Absolute Arm
  • Absolute Arm 7-Axis (includes scanner)
  • Absolute Arm 6-Axis
  • Absolute Arm Compact 
  • Sigma Arm
  • Infinite Arm

Ensure your arm is clean, calibrated and serviced with our specialist Romer arm calibration services. We’ll visit you on site, or can test the equipment at our lab.

Our Calibration Services

With years of experience in Romer calibration and servicing, our engineers will give you the confidence you need in your equipment. We provide reports on the capabilities of the arm, training and software, calibration, cleaning and maintenance.

Our competitively priced service is fast too – with 48-hour turnaround if you choose to send the arm to us, or same day for on-site visits.

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