Torus’ Z701 Vision Sorting System provides many benefits for can makers operating a sorting line


The Z701 Vision Sorting System has been developed specifically to meet customer end of line sorting requirements to facilitate sorting of HFI (Hold for Inspection) pallets to reduce manual work.


Torus Beverage Can Gauging


Measurement Features

  • UV Base Rim Coat (BRC) Presence
  • Visible/UV Spray Dot
  • Visible/UV 2 & 5 Digit Dot Matrix Character Code


Key Features

  • High-resolution 5-megapixel camera and lens
  • High-power, strobe, white ‘flat dome’ lights, with high-speed timing and lighting controller
  • Optical coated, scratch resistance transfer plate
  • Protective guarding
  • Software and licences for colour dot recognition
  • Software and licences for character recognition
  • Batch information, inclusive of reject and re-palletize count and percentage
  • Customers have the ability to sort HFI pallets by ISG or by UV Base Rim Coat presence
  • Sorting system can check for UV Base Rim Coat (BRC) presence, visible/UV spray dot or dot matrix character code
  • Reduce manual inspection which often leads to rejects being missed and slower sort speeds
  • Saves operator resource
  • Eliminates chance of reject cans reaching the customer
  • Network compatible for remote access
  • Pedestal can be positioned up to 10m away from the vision system, meaning customers can review image captures from the production floor

The Z701 integrates directly into an existing end of line sorter with minimal adjustments required. The system can be integrated into an existing or new sorter – Torus work closely with the customer’s chosen integrator to ensure a successful installation. A site survey is carried out by both parties to agree the suggested location for the integration.


The camera will be located on your existing sorting line


The Vision System can be positioned up to 10m away from the camera


The 2nd monitor can be positioned up to 10m away from the Vision System, enabling the user to measure results from elsewhere in the facility

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