The Z312 Vision Module tests for all industry standard ISG recognition, including UV/BRC presence in one system.


The Z312 Vision Module quickly identifies the application of UV base rim coat presence, indicating in split seconds a percentage coverage based on parameters set within Torus’ GaugeXplorer software. The live report instantly denotes if the rim coat has either been under applied or damaged.


Designed with flexibility in mind the Z312 module can be integrated into any new or existing Torus gauge, or alternatively supplied as a standalone system. The flexible module boasts multi size capability with no change parts allowing the system to be located anywhere on the shop floor.


Torus Beverage Can Gauging


Gauge Features

UV Base Rim Coat Presence (BRC)


• Visible Spray Dot

• UV Spray Dot

• 2 & 5 Digit Dot Matrix Character Code (Visible/UV)

UV Ink Dot & Character Recognition – Key Features:

UV Base Rim Coat (BRC) – Key Features:

The Z312 works together with and complements Torus’ Z340 Coating Analyser to provide Base Rim Coat Distribution Analysis, aimed to show operators how the BRC is distributed and thus showing up any potential areas to save resource.

  • Helps eliminate hazards from the manual abrasive copper sulphate checks typically carried out to measure rim coat
  • Significantly reduces labour time
  • Increases operator productivity
  • Overcomes human error
  • Improved can mobility with can production and filling lines running at 2000+ per minute
  • Reducing HFI (Hold for Inspection) customer complaints

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