Torus’ A539 Mechanical Taper Gauge measures external and internal tapers and was developed and manufactured specifically to meet a demand in femoral head production.


The new floor standing taper gauge is the latest addition to Torus’ range of orthopaedic inspection systems. Designed specifically for orthopaedic hip manufacturers who need to control their femoral heads, this inspection gauge gives critical measurement information on the internal taper dimensions.


The gauge can accommodate the full range of femoral heads and measures a variety of different features.


To operate, simply scan the batch card with a barcode reader and the software will automatically select the relevant component type from the menu and the powerful Window software will prompt you to load the specific femoral head.

Measurement Features

  • Internal Diameters | Accuracy: +/- 0.004 mm / 0.002 mm
  • Internal Taper Angle | Accuracy: +/- 3 secs (0.0004″) / 3 secs
  • Internal Straightness | Accuracy: +/- 0.04 mm / 0.002 mm
  • Internal Taper Form | Accuracy: +/- 0.004 mm


Technical Specification


  • Component Range | Complete Femoral Head Range
  • Measures a variety of different features such as Taper angle, diameters, straightness and form
  • Important trace information can also be attributed to ensure easy analysis and comparison to assist in process control

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