Nikon Arm Calibration & Verification Services

A Nikon Arm is a portable and reliable CMM measuring tool capable of measuring around and even inside large parts with any constraints.

Nikon Arm Calibration & Verification

Torus Metrology advise that Nikon Arm Calibration and Verification is carried out on an annual basis and is essential for ensuring the accuracy of your Nikon Arm, and therefore the traceability of the measurements carried out. Torus Metrology supply a Nikon Arm UKAS Certificate with every Nikon Arm Calibration and Verification.

We also offer both onsite and offsite Nikon Arm Calibration and  Verification.

Maintaining Accuracy & Performance​

Calibration plays a vital role in preserving the accuracy and reliability of coordinate measuring machines. This process is particularly crucial for portable CMMs, which often undergo extensive usage and require more frequent maintenance than traditional CMMs.

With over 25 years of experience, our licensed team of CMM experts delivers industry-leading calibration services that minimise equipment inaccuracies and enhance quality control.

Partnering with Torus Group for Verification Excellence

We ensure that each step of our calibration process aligns with industry standards. Calibrating your Nikon Arm is essential for maintaining accuracy, reliability, and performance.

Torus provides a certified ISO 17025 UKAS calibration and recall service for all makes of portable arms, including Nikon models. Our certifications and accreditations guarantee conformance to national standards and ensure the highest level of accuracy and safety.

With our certified team of experts, state-of-the-art lab, and commitment to customer satisfaction, we ensure that your portable arm operates securely and without error, conforming to the highest industry standards.

For a full list of our UKAS calibration and measurement capabilities please click here and to discuss your UKAS Calibration needs, please get in touch with our metrology team on 01952 210 020 or email

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