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Torus Machine Guarding is designed to provide robust protection for a variety of needs, including safeguarding machinery, preventing trespassing, and ensuring the safety of your environment. Our bespoke solutions are perfect for any industrial setting where safety and efficiency are paramount. Assessing your needs is just the first step and Sales Engineer Ben Hughes talks us through the process below…

Ben Hughes – Torus Modular Frameworks Sales Engineer

What is Torus Machine Guarding suitable for?

Protection: Safeguards your machinery and personnel from accidents and unauthorised access.

Trespassing Prevention: Keeps unauthorised individuals from entering restricted areas.

Encroachment Control: Defines boundaries within your workspace to prevent accidental or intentional encroachment.

Safety: Ensures a safe working environment by mitigating risks associated with industrial machinery.

Environmental Control: Helps maintain a controlled environment, free from contaminants and other hazards.

Bespoke Machine Guarding

I have a particular layout in mind? Would that be an issue?

Not at all – we specialise in designing and building completely bespoke machine guarding solutions tailored to your unique requirements.

I have a very large machine which needs protecting, is there a maximum size of guarding you provide?

No – there is no maximum size limit for the machines our guarding can protect. Whether your machinery is large or small, we have a solution that fits.

Machine guarding on a shop floor

What is the design process?

I will reach out via email or phone to discuss your requirements. If necessary, we can arrange a free-of-charge (FOC) site visit to provide an accurate quote. Our design team will then draft a concept included in your quote, ensuring you have a clear vision of the final product.

Do I get a choice of colour and accessories?

Yes we offer a comprehensive range of colours to suit your branding and aesthetics and a range of accessories and customisable options. These include doors, electrical sockets, data points, pneumatics ring main and other essential services around the perimeter.

What are the benefits of Torus Machine Guarding?

The modular design of Torus Machine Guarding offers several benefits:

Customisable: Designed to meet your specific needs.

Replaceable: Easy to replace any part of the guarding if damaged.

Versatile: Can be used for various applications beyond machinery protection, such as privacy screens or walkway segregation.

Apart from machinery protection, our guarding can be utilised as privacy screens or to segregate walkways, offering flexibility in its application.

How can I learn more?

You can view our online brochure here or get in touch with us directly at