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Torus Measurement Systems embrace continuous improvements and developments of all of our systems, not only for the benefit of new product releases but with the ambition to elevate current systems installed with our customers. Maximising the capability of our current systems, enables our customers to be strive for process improvement in the Food, Beverage & Aerosol manufacturing sectors, leading to cost saving, reduced hold for inspection time, and increase productivity, for high quality outcomes. 

At Torus, we have been pushing the limits on the capabilities of our Z340 Coating Analyser Range, in all Manual, Semi-Automatic & Automatic formats for many years, introducing inspection capabilities, driven by innovation and our customers.

NIR Spectrometer Upgrade (Dual Source)

The Z340 Coating Analyser integrates Interferometric Technology. Reflections collected from surface lacquer on a can, from a light source, and the substrate beneath, combine two signals by a spectrometer, analysed using algorithms to calculate optical thickness. The NIR Upgrade, uses a new spectrometer, eradicates any effect of colour, and enables accurate measurement on coloured substrate, and reading thickness of non-transparent lacquers as NIR light can travel through opaque surfaces.

Reverse Wall

By manually sectioning straight walled beverage cans, reverse wall inspection can be completed on typically difficult to access measurement zones, for complete analysis of lacquer distribution, where lacquer tends to build up during the spray head process.

Rim Coat

Reversing the can into body specific location tooling enables the measurement of the Base Rim Coat lacquer distribution, to ensure lacquer is not over applied, and spread evenly around the stand base surface, to support product mobility in the manufacturing and filling process.

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