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What is CMM Calibration?

In order to ensure that your measurement data is accurate, you need to calibrate your CMM machine at least once a year. Regular calibration guarantees the reliability of your CMM’s measurements and also provides traceability for that reliability.

CMM calibration is the adjustment and verification of your CMM and associated measuring equipment to an industry standard. The calibration process exists to prove that the machine is meeting the measurement standard and accuracy that is required.

Why is CMM Calibration Important?

CMM’s are the most advanced dimensional measurement instruments used in the industry, so it goes without saying that such a vital measuring tool requires calibration and maintenance. Servicing and calibrating your machine once a year will ensure that the measurement data created is completely accurate.

What should I expect from a CMM Calibration with Torus Metrology?

The CMM calibration process involves the measurement of verified artefacts along a predetermined measurement plan, referencing the data points against the known dimensions of the artefact to ensure the accuracy of the machine. The test is designed to ensure that the probe used by the CMM remains accurate as the artefact is moved in different orientations.

The calibration process will take place on site by a UKAS qualified CMM engineer and should take around a day to complete.

Who can calibrate a CMM?

CMM calibration must be carried out by an industry expert. The ISO 10360 series is the definitive calibration procedure used by all CMM manufacturers, so you should look for this accreditation when selecting a CMM calibration service provider.

How often does a CMM need calibrating?

It is recommended that your CMM is serviced and calibrated at least once a year. However, if your CMM is used heavily, we would advise a 6 month check up in between calibrations.

For more information on the CMM Calibration service Torus Metrology offer, get in touch at tms.inspection@torus-group or click here