The B307 Top Load Gauge is a manually loaded gauge providing fast top load results to validate process setup and container specification.


The proven contact measurement technology ensures accurate, reliable and traceable measurement 24/7.


Reporting options such as standard CSV or Statistical Process Control (SPC)


Certification to UKAS standards.

Measurement Features

  • Dry Top Load | N, kgs, lbs | Accuracy:  +/- 5.0 N
  • Wet Top Load | N, kgs, lbs | Accuracy:  +/- 5.0 N
  • Deflection Point | mm | Accuracy:  +/- 1.0 mm


Technical Specification

  • Component Types | Bottles, jars, and containers
  • Neck Diameter | Optional adaptor plates to cover a wide range of containers
  • Max. Outside Diameter | 200 mm
  • Max. Bottle Volume | 3000 ml (others upon evaluation)
  • Simple software interface available in multiple languages
  • Fully enclosed for use in production or laboratory environments
  • Measurements are traceable and certified to UKAS standards
  • Selectable force units: Kgf, N, lbs
  • Adheres to ASTM D2659 Standard Test Method for Column Crush Properties of Blown Thermoplastic Containers
  • Machine and Cavity number for traceability
  • Factory calibrated
  • Operated via the latest Windows operating system

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