Plastic Packaging

Torus Plastic Packaging Inspection Systems provide a solution for critical feature control for the manufacture of beverage, food, and pharmaceutical plastic packaging globally. From dimensional and thickness inspection to destructive features such as load, volume and burst, the Torus product range covers the full range of quality control requirements for production environments, configurable in Semi-Automatic and Automatic platforms.

Quality Inspection Systems

Torus Measurement Systems provide global solutions within the plastic packaging industry for Quality assurance inspection testing under production conditions to create inspection equipment that meets the demands of your customers.

Torus offer a full range of plastic inspection equipment. This includes manual thickness inspection, semi-automatic thread, body, and thickness inspection, burst pressure, top load, volume and weight, internal diameter measurement and optical inspection, as well as fully automatic inspection with our Total Quality Laboratory (TQ Lab) and automatic preform Inspection gauge.

Torus’ project team will work to develop the equipment to best suit your requirements utilising the latest contact and non-contact technology.

Torus gauges are industry 4.0 ready, future proofing your business and offering the ability to directly transfer live data to customer-specific networks and shop floor machinery allowing for instant analysis & monitoring, giving you complete confidence in your process control.

Types of Measurement

Torus Plastic Packaging Inspection Systems cover a range of dimensional and destructive measurement requirements to ensure your plastic containers are measured quickly, accurately, and reliably.

Plastic Packaging - Bottle
Plastic Packaging - Table

Testing and Inspection Systems for Plastic Containers

To provide the plastics industry with the most reliable and accurate testing and inspection systems, Torus Measurement Systems carry out a two-pronged approach of innovation and customer partnership to sustain a successful and ever evolving product portfolio. Torus adopt a customer-centric philosophy and endeavour to introduce new inspection systems and technologies to solve specific customer problems. We have a range of systems which include bottle testing equipment, bottle inspection equipment and more.

Our Divisions

Through our four key divisions we deliver a range of measurement and inspection systems, metrology services, manufacturing services and machine enclosure solutions, as well as our online store for aluminium profile components and workspace solutions.

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