Modular Fixturing

Our modular fixturing system makes it as simple as possible for our customers to offer the component in the optimum position, enabling maximum access to measure features in one single operation.

Key Features

  • Gold, silver and bronze kits are available with various base plate sizes
  • For optical machines, clear baseplates and discrete smaller fixture elements are utilised
  • The basis of the system is the stand-offs which can be screwed into the baseplate and are available in a variety of diameters and lengths. These can also be conntected to each other to increase the range of the system. 
  • A wide range of accessories are available to suit every type of component. Fittings are available which can connect to these stand-offs to give an even greater holding flexibility
Holding parts for inspection can be a complex and potentially frustrating process but modular cmm fixturing provides a permanent solution. Swiftfix is a Modular Fixturing System designed to hold components in the most effective manner to assist measurement effectiveness on your CMM or optical machine. Swiftfix consists of a variety of components allowing any part to be fixtured efficently and effectively. Torus offer Bronze, Silver, Gold and starter kits to closely match customer budgets and capacities. 
Base plates provide a solid platform from which to construct the fixture ensuring optimum fixture integrity. Utilising Swiftfix's flexibility will allow the user to construct unlimited configurations for a cost effective long term solution.


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