Mitutoyo CMM Calibration

Mitutoyo CMMs are available in a wide range of sizes and accuracy, with every machine representing an excellent investment in terms of productivity, versatility, quality of construction, training and service support.

Mitutoyo’s CMM product range covers small and medium sized CMMs, In-Line and Shop-Floor CMMs, Manual CMMs and CMM software.


We offer CMM calibration for Mitutoyo models including but not limited to: 
  • Manual CMM, Crysta-Plus M 776
  • Manual CMM, Crysta-Plus M 7106
  • Manual CMM, Crysta-Plus M 544
  • Manual CMM, Crysta-Plus M 574
  • Manual CMM, Crysta-Plus M 443
  • CRYSTA-Apex V544 CNC CMM
  • CRYSTA-Apex V574 CNC CMM
  • CRYSTA-Apex V776 CNC CMM
  • CRYSTA-Apex V7106 CNC CMM
  • CRYSTA-Apex V9106 CNC CMM
  • CRYSTA-Apex V9166 CNC CMM
  • CRYSTA-Apex V9206 CNC CMM
  • CRYSTA-Apex V9108 CNC CMM
  • CRYSTA-Apex V9168 CNC CMM
  • CRYSTA-Apex V9208 CNC CMM
  • CNC CMM, CRYSTA-Apex S 121210
  • CNC CMM, CRYSTA-Apex S 122010
  • CNC CMM, CRYSTA-Apex S 123010
  • CNC CMM, CRYSTA-Apex S 162012
  • CNC CMM, CRYSTA-Apex S 163012
  • CNC CMM, CRYSTA-Apex S 164012
  • CNC CMM, CRYSTA-Apex S 162016

Our experience

Having delivered UKAS verification, calibration, digital error mapping, servicing and repairs to Mitutoyo owners and operators for many years, we have the experience and UKAS accreditation required to deliver first class CMM support services for Mitutoyo CMMs.

We have invested heavily in ensuring all our CMM engineers have only the best in certified artefacts to ensure our traceability is second to none.  In our state-of-the-art UKAS accredited laboratory, we have our own Mitutoyo CMMs and our highly experienced UKAS certified engineers have the skills and experience required to deliver the highest quality CMM support and UKAS calibration services.

We’d welcome the chance to support you and your Mitutoyo CMM Calibration needs.


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