Torus’ Semi-Automatic Internal Diameter Inspection Gauge uses the latest state-of-the-art non-contact measurement solution to provide measurement results which eradicate any operator influence. 

Key Benefits

  • Measurement range suits miniature vials, common necks, and wide mouth containers
  • Eliminates operator influence
  • Ability to measure internal diameters at multiple heights (from TOF)
  • Utilizing non-contact confocal white light technology
  • Floor standing industrial enclosure for laboratory or shop floor environments
  • Intelligent camera system for finding neck center
  • Utilizes powerful Windows based software; GaugeXplorer
  • Machine and cavity number for traceability
  • CSV data output and flexible formatting for input into local data handling / control systems at customers facility. 
  • Remote Support Package, which includes automatic gauge monitoring and reporting back to Torus for proactive response. 
  • Measurements traceable and certified to UKAS Standard, with internal Torus annual calibration recall system for continued measurement assurance. 

The system integrates a two-axis machine vision system, providing an intelligent neck centralization function to position the measurement sensor relative to the bottle neck for inspection, which provides the capability for the system to measure a full range of samples, from small vials to large containers, future production proofing the machine as customer requirements and bottle portfolio develop.

The measurement process is fully programmable allowing the operator to select multiple measurement positions from top of finish (TOF) for inspection at a specified number of radial positions as required by the customer technical drawings. 


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