The Z701 Vision Sorting System has been developed specifically to meet customer end of line sorting requirements to facilitate sorting of HFI (Hold For Inspection) pallets & reduce manual work

Key Features


  • UV Rim Coat Presence
  • Visible Spray Dot
  • UV Spray Dot
  • 2 & 5 Digit Dot Matrix Character Code

Torus have worked closely with an existing customer to develop the Z701 Vision Sorting System, a solution for can plants currently sorting can pallets manually. Using an operator to manually inspect and remove reject cans results in high labour and slower sort speeds. The Z701 has the ability to automatically de-palletize a complete pallet of cans, convey them through an inspection area and at the end re-palletize them, all without operator influence.

The Z701 integrates directly into an existing end of line sorter with minimal adjustments required. The System can be integrated into an existing or new sorter – Torus work closely with customers chosen integrator to ensure a successful installation. A site survey is carried out by both parties to agree the suggested location is suitable for the integration.

Cans are ejected using a high-speed air jet. The rest of the cans / passes are transferred through the conveyor to be re-palletized. The system will monitor the number of cans entering the sorting system, including those being ejected to ensure the total can count is correct.

Designed with flexibility in mind, the system can achieve speeds of up to 12,000 cans per hour, meaning a 9000 can pallet can be sorted in just 45 minutes.


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