The Z603 Opening Force Gauge automates the gathering of accurate, repeatable and unbiased data by replacing awkward quality control labour.

Key Features

  • Automatic Tooling Adjustment (Multi Axis Control)
  • SOT & RPT Capability
  • Tab Strength – with Automatic Tab Rotation
  • Programmable Pressurization
  • Optional Vent & Missile / Aperture Opening Camera


  • Pop and Tear Force/Angle
  • Tab Strength Force/Angle
  • Tab Differential
  • Partial Opening Force/Angle
  • Vertical Drop Angle
  • Programmable Pressurisation
  • Load Capacity
The Opening Force often referred to as Pop and Tear is measured, plotted and charted. The plotting of Opening Force versus Opening Angle gives a detailed picture of the Opening Performance Characteristic of the end. This is called the Opening Signature of the end. 

Wear and tear on a conversion press and its tooling affect the quality of the end produced and consequently are reflected in the end’s opening signature. By monitoring various parameters over time and relating the press performance to the change in the end’s opening signature, the manufacturing process can be monitored. This trend monitoring capability is extremely beneficial to the process engineer in predicting potential out of spec score residuals. By sampling ends from the production line, the Opening Force Gauge can monitor the tooling wear and provide significant savings in both labour and reduced scrap.


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