The Z401 Shell Inspection System from Torus Measurement Systems defines the standard for dimensional inspection of beverage/beer shells.

Measurement Features

  • Unit Depth
  • Countersink
  • Panel Depth
  • Curl Diameter
  • Curl Height
  • Curl Opening (not supported on CDL type shells)
  • Internal Curl Diameter
  • Average Metal Thickness
Each Shell to be inspected is automatically collected from a ‘stack’ and loaded into the gauging module with an integrated pick & place system. The Measurement Cycle is then initiated via the PC running the TMS GaugeXplorer Measurement and Machine Control Software.

This machine can be supplied for a single fixed diameter of Shell, or for facilities producing multiple sizes from 200 – 206 diameter, a fully automatic adjustable version is available. State of the art Windows software ensures the operator is presented with the latest measurement information, such as Average, Range, Max and Min for all features.


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