Torus Measurement Systems’ Z345 is the world's first Automatic Colour Inspection System powered by X-Rite®.  Providing true quantitative colour measurement for aluminium and steel beverage cans in an automatic system.

Features of the Gauge:

  • The industry recognised Ci64 Spectrophotometer from X-Rite® provides quantifiable colour measurement.
  • Cans may be loaded in any orientation either onto an automatic in-feed conveyor or directly from the production line. 
  • A high resolution colour scan camera reads and ‘unwraps’ the label and aligns it to a master image using GaugeXplorer’s sophisticated pattern match software. 
  • The can is then accurately presented to the Ci64 for inspection at pre-defined, user selected locations, with unmatched positional repeatability.


  • A photometric device utilising a specific illuminator and receiver to obtain the spectral reflectance of the sample under inspection. This spectral reflectance is processed and compared against known traceable standards for accurate colour measurement. 
  • Providing complete L*, a*, b*, Ecmc, E2000 and E94 data for full traceability, utilising early warning limits so decorators can be adjusted before colours go out of tolerance.
  • Capable of inspecting “200” – “300” body diameter, straight walled and finished cans with minimal change parts.

Global brand image and decoration quality is becoming increasingly important, particularly on aluminium and steel beverage cans. Ensuring colour quality is correct and consistent, independent of the manufacturing plant, is paramount. Unfortunately, human ability to perceive and interpret colour is subjective and influenced by many factors, such as, age, fatigue, environment, illumination and observation angle.

Torus' Z345 Colour Inspection System powered by X-Rite® delivers quantitative colour measurement of aluminium or steel beverage cans in an automated system, to give added reassurance to your customer.

Many leading beverage brands now require this test as part of their quality assurance to ensure their branding is synonymous the world over.


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