The Z341 Manual Coating Analyser provides fast and accurate measurement of the internal lacquer of the can from sizes 202-307 body diameter. Utilising non contact white light spectroscopy techniques for unprecedented performance.

Measured Features:

  • Internal Wall Lacquer Thickness
  • Internal Wall Lacquer Weight
  • External Wall Lacquer Thickness
  • External Wall Lacquer Weight
  • Internal Dome Lacquer Thickness
  • Internal Dome Lacquer Weight
  • Integrated Display
  • Customer specifiable number of measurement positions
  • Definable lacquer density and refracted index for a variety of lacquer types
  • Designed to utilise the smallest footprint
The Torus Measurement Systems Manual Coating Analyser has been developed to give fast and accurate measurement of the Internal Lacquer, sprayed during today’s 2 piece can manufacturing process.

The gauge features a manually loaded scissor action gauge head, allowing for quick positioning whilst giving minimal operator influence on the measurement result and utilises visible light interferometry to determine the internal and external lacquer thickness measurement.

The system is verified with specially produced calibrated thin film silicon wafers traceable to NIST standards. The Z341 Manual Coating Analyser directly correlates with Torus' Z340 automatic Coating Analyser. The gauge has been designed to use the smallest footprint and features an integrated display for bench top operation


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