Designed specifically for 2 piece can manufacturers who "reform" their cans, this small inspection gauge gives critical measurement information on the setup of each head of your reformer.

Measured Features:

  • Internal Reform Diameter - Max/Min/Average/Range
  • Internal Reform Diameter Height - Max/Min/Average/Range
  • Dome Depth
  • The gauge can accommodate 2 piece cans from 202 – 300 body diameter and measure a variety of different base profiles without the need for manual change over. 
  • To operate, simply select the relevant component type from the menu and the powerful GaugeXplorer for Windows® software will prompt you to load the reformed cans in the specified head order.
  • Correlates directly with the Torus Z302 Back End gauge with a reform measurement head.
  • Direct Correlation with Industry Standard Torus Z302 Back End Gauge with Reform Measurement gauge head
  • Accurate stepper motor positioning
  • Selectable multiple radial and vertical measurement positions
  • Portable, supplied with travel case.
  • Graphical output of reform profile for easy operator analysis
The scanner utilises proven contact measurement technology to scan the form of the reformed profile and incorporates a centering check to accurately locate Ø202- Ø300 body cans.
The system works by using the main scanning head which is mounted on a ball-screw driven slide and monitored by a digitally mapped probe.  The can is manually rotated to provide multiple measurement positions.
The software allows for operator scan settings to ensure the full reform profile is measured.


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