The Z314 Semi-Automatic Wall Thickness Analyser ensures accurate wall thickness inspection of cups, straight walled cans or 2 piece bottle cans with no need for tooling changeover.

Measured Features:

  • Individual Wall Thickness - Measured at any customer defined position
  • Average / Range / Max / Min Wall Thickness 
  • Top Wall Thickness - Measured at the defined Top Wall Position as set on Torus Z301 Front End Gauge
  • Mid Wall Thickness - Measured at the defined Mid Wall Position as set on Torus Z301 Front End Gauge


  • Direct Correlation with Industry Standard Torus Z301 Front End Gauge
  • Accurate stepper motor postioning
  • Selectable multiple radial and vertical positions
  • Radar results display for clarity

The Z314 series, Semi-Automatic Wall Thickness Analyser from Torus Measurement Systems defines the standard for Dimensional Inspection. The Z314 measures cups and straight walled cans' wall thickness. Utilising a single point wall thickness transducer based on industry standard Torus Z301 Front End Gauge.

The gauge provides multiple wall thickness measurements at a customer selectable number of radial and vertical positions. The operator simply selects the appropriate inspection programme, loads the component into the gauge and closes the door to initiate the inspection routine. Inspection programmes can be created for multiple component types and sizes, including cups, straight walled cans and optionally, 2 piece bottle necking progressions.


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