The Z313 Enamel Rater measures the lacquer integrity of metal cans. The gauge can be specified for conveyor loaded (automatic) or fully line fed (in-line) operation.

Features of the Gauge:

  • Both systems can be specified with Torus’ optional LSM / ISG recognition camera module for colour spray dot identification, ensuring SPC data output is tagged with the relevant traceability for effective remedial actions.
  • Throughput speed is typically 3 cans per minute, using our unique static fill, rate and extract philosophy.
  • 202 -300 body size capability with no change parts required
  • The gauge can be conveyor loaded or in-line operated
  • Optional internal spray gun recognition camera module
  • Posi-fill system for complete fill speed and level control
  • Utilises Torus’ GaugeXplorer software, which ensures the operator is presented with critical Metal Exposure information, in a clear and effective manor. 
  • User selectable screens allow easy “toggling” between the screen views.
  • All measuring systems are supplied with a Windows 7 Professional Operating System, ensuring a secure operator environment and powerful networking capability to your existing quality systems. 
  • Multi Language Capability is also a standard feature of Torus’ GaugeXplorer software.
  • In-cycle conductivity monitoring ensure electrolyte solution is fit for purpose
  • Software indicators prompting solution refill
A saline solution is pumped  into the can. An electrode is placed into the solution and blades contact the outside of the can. The gauge uses the electrolysis principle to detect a current between the electrode and the blades. A detected current indicates a break in the internal lacquer integrity. Post test the saline solution is vacuumed from the can allowing for a fully automated system.

Torus now offer the new Z312 Vision Module, testing for all industry standard UV / Visible Ink Dot or Character recognition and Base Rim Coat presence in one system. The module helps assist can manufacturers further to reduce their HFI (Hold for Inspection) times, labour and scrappage.


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