The Z311 Punch Gauge has been designed to measure a wide range of Punch sizes typically found in the metal container industry.

Features of the Gauge:

  • Once loaded, the automatic Measurement Cycle is initiated via the PC running the TMS GaugeXplorer Measurement and Machine Control Software.
  • State of the art software, GaugeXplorer for Windows® ensures the operator is presented with the latest measurement information as well as form plot’s of the Punch profile. 
  • Uses  high precision transducer technology and certified Calibration Setting Masters from our UKAS accredited laboratory
  • Ovality
  • Major Diameter(s). Max / Min / Average / Range
  • Major Diameter Ovality. Max / Min / Average / Range
  • Minor Diameter(s). Max / Min / Average / Range
  • Minor Diameter Ovality. Max / Min / Average / Range
  • Upper Transition - the difference between the last major diameter and the first minor diameter.
  • Step ‘T’ - half the Upper Transition.
  • Verification Diameters - Up to 6 customer defined measurement positions
  • Verification Taper - the difference between two specified verification diameters.
  • Verification Dimension for Max Design - half the difference between the first major diameter and verification diameter 1.
  • Lower Transition Angle - half the included angle between verification diameter 1 and 2.
  • Step intersection(s)
The Z311 Punch Gauge from Torus Measurement Systems defines the standard for dimensional inspection of 2 piece beverage / beer can Punch tooling. Available as a semi-automatic (manually loaded) system, designed to measure a wide range of Punch sizes typically found in the metal container industry.

The component is manually loaded onto a delrin lined tray to protect the component surface. The component is then automatically lowered onto the accurate gauge rollers which position the part between the measurement transducers. The gauge head is moved to the customer defined measurement positions using an accurate stepper motor driven ball screw slide, monitored by a linear encoder.  

The Z311 Punch Gauge provides the operator with an option for a measured scanned form along the length of the punch. Upon completion the component is automatically removed from the gauge rollers and presented to the operator.


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