The Z307 Semi-Automatic Axial Load Gauge determines the maximum axial load force which can be applied prior to container failure, within a short cycle time.

Measured Features:

  • Axial Load - The force as which the component collapses.


  • Available for both beverage and food cans
  • The automatic system loads up to 3 different neck diameters
  • Industry standard location plattens for component neck support
  • Selectable crush speed
  • Factory set plattens to ensure parallelism between gauge tooling faces

The Z307 series, Semi-Automatic Axial Load Gauge from Torus Measurement Systems defines the standard for Destructive Testing and Inspection. The test is used to determine the maximum axial load force which can be applied, before the container fails. Typically, this test is carried out on a finished can without a seamed on end.

The operator inserts the correct quick change neck tooling for the can sample to be inspected (e.g. 202 Neck), then selects the program within “GaugeXplorer” for the appropriate can size.  On screen instructions prompt the operator through the process, entering batch and traceability information for future post process analysis if required.  Once the part is loaded and the door is closed (ensuring maximum safety for the operator)  the automatic measurement sequence will commence.

The test will begin once top tooling has detected the start of the axial load via the high accuracy “mapped” load cell,  gathering accurate data throughout the inspection routine. Once the can sample has reached the buckle / column strength maximum achievable load, the result will be shown on screen & exported as necessary.


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