Built on 10 years of product development, this machine has been proven the number one choice for leading packaging manufacturers around the world.

Measurement Features

  • Flanged Can Height
  • Finished Can Height
  • Flange Width
  • Bead Depth
  • Roll Bead Diameter
  • Roll Bead Position
  • Bead Symmetry
The Z304 Back End Two Piece Food Can inspection gauge from Torus Measurement Systems defines the standard for Dimensional Inspection. The system is available in Semi Automatic (manually loaded), Automatic (Conveyor loaded) or Inline configurations, and can be supplied for a single or dual diameters of can.
Torus Measurement Systems provides the industry standard for finished can measurement for over 30 years.
The system features dedicated contact probe calipers for accurate flange width measurement at four radial positions and three point datum location for height measurements.
At the Flanged stage, Can Height at 3 positions and Flange Width at 4 positions are checked.
After Beading, dynamically scanning digital transducers map the beaded area in software to output measured features including; roll bead position, roll bead diameter and Bead Depth for customer specified beads, as well as bead symmetry.
All of Torus' systems include traceable component correlation studies performed to ensure machine to machine measurement consistency.


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