Here at Torus we've been providing the industry standard for trimmed food can measurement for over 30 years.

Measurement Features

  • Mid Wall Thickness > 1-16 positions
  • Top Wall Thickness > 1-16 positions
  • Trimmed Can Height > 1-16 positions
  • Panel Depth > 1-16 positions
  • Countersink > 1-16 positions
The Z303 Front End Two Piece Food Can Inspection Gauge from Torus Measurement Systems defines the standard for Dimensional Inspection. The gauge is available in Semi Automatic (manually loaded), Automatic (Conveyor loaded) or Inline configurations, this machine can be supplied for a single or dual diameters of can. 

Fixed top and mid wall probe positions enables multi positional radial measurement of your food can. The Z303 features dedicated calipers to ensure the correct top and mid wall thickness measurement positions every time, and proven contact measurement technology to minimise influence of oil and dirt on the component. Torus carry out traceable component correlation studies to ensure machine to machine measurement consistency.

Additional options are available for fixed contact probe, or laser scanned panel depth measurements, dependant on component form and variation. 

Taking either a manually or automatically loaded trimmed food can, the system uses contact measurement technology to accurately record the required component features such as Can Height, Panel Depth, Top and Mid Wall. The component is automatically rotated to analyse the wall thickness and can height at the stated number of radial positions. This allows for Max /Min/Average and Range calculations to be performed on each component as well as having the option for the measurement batch itself. This data can then be used to control and adjust the manufacturing process, whilst providing the statistical information required for long term system control and improvement.  


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