How do you imagine the future of quality control?

Here at Torus we believe the future is all about streamlining our processes. The industry is ever evolving and the need for more consistent and reliable quality control data to be provided in the most efficient manner is becoming a more regular demand. Torus are committed to providing customers with future-proof solutions to their problems which are superior to the more traditional, proven methods that are already being used all over the world today.

What if we told you that you could improve data reliability with no operator influence on tests or data? that all your quality control could be carried out at one single station?

Torus' TQ-LAB is completely unique. We can now offer customers multiple module quality control tests in one single station. The TQ-Lab is customisable; customers can select the Torus modules that suit their own requirements or budgets and control them all via a single interface.

Large amounts of reliable data is automatically delivered to the network for analysis with no operator influence. No need to touch the bottle, preform or container between tests either. The only simple requirement of the TQ-Lab is to place batches of containers onto an extendable turnaround conveyor and select the relevant program.

Torus' TQ lab is available as a manually loaded or fully automated package equipped with conveyor loading. Customers will have access to unprecedented improvements in accuracy & repeatability whilst also benefitting from reduced time and labour costs as well as saving precious floor space in working environments.

Modular options

The multi-station concept offers customers unprecedented improvements to accuracy & repeatability, whilst reducing time & labour costs associated with common, manual quality control checks. The TQ-Lab can be supplied as a manually loaded or fully automated package. As with all the Torus range, measurements are fully traceable and certified to UKAS standards and come with CE certification. The gauge utilises Torus' own powerful windows-based software GaugeXplorer, allowing customers to take control of their quality at a single control station.

Any combination of Torus' measurement modules for either containers or preforms can be specified by the customer to create an efficient automated system. Typical module combinations are TBT (Thickness, Body & Thread), Internal Diameter, Top Load & Volume and Burst measurement modules. For more details on these individual modules please visit the pages below.


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