Torus’ TQ-Lab offers customers multiple quality control tests, selectable by customers based on requirements, in one single station. The multi-module concept improves accuracy & repeatability, reduces time and labour costs and saves on floor space in production environments.

The TQ-lab is also available in a semi-automatic, manually loaded version.

Key Features

  • Bespoke vision system to locate neck position
  • Intelligent force feedback gripper
  • Multi axis pick and place system
  • Utilises miniature white light confocal technology
  • Dedicated pass/fail bins
  • Non-contact thickness & dimension measurements
  • Non-contact internal diameter measurements
  • Top load, volume capacity & container weight measurements
  • Burst pressure & volume expansion 

Torus’ unique fully automated TQ-Lab simplifies your quality control process. Removing laborious testing and data handling processes, the TQ-Lab carries out all of the critical industry standard tests in one centralised system, all controlled by one interface. Bottles or preforms are loaded into a multi-module layout to suit customer requirements and are then transferred  between modules using an intelligent force feedback gripper and multi axis pick and place system. Offering non-contact and destructive tests on both empty and filled containers or preforms, Torus’ flexible TQ-Lab can deliver reliable data to the network with no operator influence.



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