Torus’ Total Quality Lab (TQ Lab) is the World’s Only Fully Automatic Bottle Laboratory. Integrating the technology developed for the Semi-Automatic Inspection System Range, the TQ Lab offers customers the capability to complete all critical industry standard tests, configurable by the customer-based requirements within the same system. 

Key Benefits

  • Worlds Only Fully Automatic Bottle Inspection Laboratory 
  • Providing over 8000 measurement data points across the full range of dimensional, thickness and destructive module options. 
  • GaugeXplorer Operating System enables fast part program generation completed on the gauge, Industry Standard and fully programmable features can be renamed to local measurement feature requirements at customer facility. 
  • Utilisation of state-of-the-art optical non-contact measurement capability. 
  • Light-out batch inspection, with audible and visual alarm systems for operator attention.
  • Interchangeable dimension inspection location tooling to cover small vial to large container inspection within one platform, future proofing the system. 
  • Configurable conveyor options for batch sizes up to 50 components with interchangeable pallet options specific to customers bottle portfolio. 
  • CSV data output and flexible formatting for input into local data handling / control systems at customers facility. 
  • Remote Support Package, which includes automatic gauge monitoring and reporting back to Torus for proactive response. 
  • Measurements traceable and certified to UKAS Standard, with internal Torus annual calibration recall system for continued measurement assurance. 
  • Designed to increase test cycle times. 
  • Reduction in hold for inspection time and labour costs. 
  • Saving on shop floor space in busy production environment housing all test requirements within one system. 

Quick change location tooling provides the capability for the system to measure a full range of both empty and filled containers, from small vials to large containers, future production proofing the machine as customer requirements and bottle portfolio develop. 

Automatic thread-start and body alignment routines within the dimensional inspection module remove the requirement for precise orientation loading on the system conveyor, with smart vision technology identifying the component neck for pick and place system collection. 

Quick-snap pre-programmed industry standard neck features reduce part program creation time for new bottles, whilst the software package provides a full range of neck and body, diameter, and height programmable features to meet the customer measurement requirements.

The system has been designed to run continuously in a batch loaded format, with automatic inspection enabling operators to load the conveyor, start the batch with the configured test requirements and leave the system unattended for lights-out inspection. Measured components are loaded into dedicated pass and fail bins during operation and upon batch completion, visual and audible alarms inform the operator that the gauge is ready for the next batch to be started, reducing equipment idle time. 



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