Roller Conveyor

Our roller conveyors are a cheap and more cost effective way of moving product. The gravity conveyors allow a greater mass of product to be moved without the aid of automation.

Key Features

Due to our extensive manufacturing experience we treat every project as a single entity, and design each system to your requirements. Therefore factors such as weight and dimensions of goods (to assess the width and capacity of the rollers), surrounding environment, usage, area and requirements are all interlinked to provide an efficient and profitable scheme.

Gravity roller conveyor systems are used as a cost effective method of conveying goods over a given area. Low expenditure coupled with low maintenance costs provide an effective handling of materials or products. The simplest gravity conveyors immediately eliminate the fetching and carrying element of work to enable more effective use of labour.Their modular design makes roller conveyors suitable for use in many different ways.

The capacity of these conveyors range from 5KG to 220Kg. The conveyors come in several widths from 100mm up to 1000mm.

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