Interested in more than one of Torus' excellent quality control inspection systems? Do you want to automate your quality control? Torus are now offering multiple modules in one AUTOMATED system...

Multi module TQ lab

We have spent the last 5 years developing a suite of plastic packaging inspection equipment to satisfy industry demand and we’re now going a step further... Our top spec measurement modules can now be integrated into one single system with our latest innovation; The TQ-Lab. The TQ-Lab offers customers the chance to select each module that suits their requirements. With the ability to offer non-contact and destructive tests on both empty and filled containers of preforms, this flexible machine, which is all controlled via one interface, can deliver reliable data to the network with no operator influence.

Once batches of containers are placed onto the turnaround conveyor, all the operator must do is select the relevant program and walk away. A bespoke vision system locates the position of the neck and an intelligence force feedback gripper and multi-axis pick and place system transfers the product from the conveyor between measurement modules. Typical modules include Torus’ B302 (non-contact thickness & dimension measurements , B309 (non-contact internal diameter measurements) and B304 (top load, volume capacity & container weight measurements).

 intelligent neck-find system on Torus' TQ Lab

As well as the obvious benefits such as reducing the time and labour costs associated with other inspection methods & freeing up floor space within the production environment, the multi-module gauge can be supplied as a manually loaded or fully automated package and can be upgraded afterwards. Blank modules can also be incorporated into the machine to allow for future additions, offering the ultimate flexibility.

Spencer Whale, sales manager for plastic packaging equipment here at Torus said of the new development, “The industry is ever evolving and the need for more consistent and reliable data to be provided in the most efficient manner is becoming a more regular demand. The future is certainly to streamline processes and this includes quality control. The development of the TQ-Lab allows multi-module measurements to be carried out with minimum operator touch points and large amounts of data can be automatically sent to the network for analysis. Automation of the industry standard tests and the handling of big data provides the industry with a futuristic solution, advancing the proven methods that are already used all over the world today.”


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