After 12-18 months of careful development, we are pleased to introduce our latest innovation; the B309 Internal Diameter Gauge for plastic containers. The gauge offers non-contact internal diameter measurements in a single operation with industry leading measurement range. Tests are carried out using 4-axis motion control without the container being touched, completely eradicating any operator influence. The integrated vision package provides an intelligent neck centralisation function for a miniature confocal white light sensor to enter the container neck and carry out the measurement process. This offers customers unprecedented improvements to accuracy and repeatability, whilst reducing the time and labour costs associated with common manual quality control checks.

The B309 has the ability to measure internal diameters at multiple heights (from TOF), effectively mapping the internal diameter profile in a series of radial movements. The gauge is housed in a robust, floor standing industrial enclosure making the B309 suitable for both laboratory and shop floor production environments.

The semi-automatic system can be supplied as standalone or integrated into a multiple module Torus system. As with all the Torus range, the B309 is fully traceable and certified to UKAS standards, comes with CE certification and utilises Torus’ own powerful windows-based software GaugeXplorer, which allows customers to switch between language options at the touch of a button.

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