Torus Automation Ltd. has been working hard over the past 8 months to gain an extension to scope against the new ISO 9001:2015 standard and we can confirm they have been successful!


Torus Automation Ltd., which has only been operating since 2014, always intended to gain ISO 9001 accreditation in line with its parent company Torus Measurement Systems. Whilst Torus Automation started to design a functional quality management system that best suited its working practices, the Torus Group applied for an extension to their certificate scope to include Torus Automation. These new quality management processes were rolled out at the beginning of 2017 and shortly after (February 2017) a GAP analysis was carried out by BSI to assess the robustness of the processes against the 9001 standard and identify any weaknesses. A date was then set for the “Stage 2 extension to scope” audit.


Torus Automation’s new standard fully aligns the working practices of both Torus Measurement Systems and Torus Automation, giving both the correct tools to implement the groups strategic direction and identify process risks in order to continually improve.


TAL now has a proven quality management system, that satisfies the requirements of the new version of 9001 meaning they can give confidence to their customers and potential customers that they are supplying a quality product. Internally, the accreditation puts greater emphasis on leadership engagement, assists TAL in identifying & addressing organizational risks & opportunities in a structured manner and gives them the ability to monitor and control their supply chain.