As you all know, for many years we have been UKAS accredited for calibration and verification services for CMMs and Portable Articulated Measuring Arms. For many years the same ISO standard has been applied to both - but now a new more rigorous standard ISO 10360-12 has been released specifically applied to Portable Arms. We are pleased to report that Torus was recently successfully accredited by UKAS to this new standard.


Our engineers are all UKAS signatories and will visit the customer site anywhere in UK / Ireland with all necessary equipment, including our NPL calibrated KOBA step gauges, to conduct the required checks in accordance with procedure. They will issue a UKAS certificate “whilst on site same day” – thus the equipment need not leave site and will be required for just a few hours to carry out the necessary checks.


Alternatively, the Arm may be sent to our full UKAS Laboratory in Telford, Shropshire and can be returned within 24 hours.


Michael Parry, responsible for calibration and verification services here at Torus, spoke about achieving the new standard, “We are extremely proud to be one of the first UK businesses’ to have been accredited by UKAS to this latest standard. This demonstrates our continued commitment to achieving and maintaining the highest level of customer service and quality.”

Torus UKAS Arm Calibration Engineer


For more information on our UKAS calibration service please visit  , contact or call on 01952 210020.