Welcome to our brand new website, which forms part of our ongoing growth and development. We are inviting all of our users to explore our refreshed, simplified site, which boasts more relevant content than ever before, as well as new interesting imagery and unseen film clips.

As a diverse business offering a multitude of solutions in several different industries, we have endeavoured to enhance navigation and functionality by adopting a simple, uncluttered, modern design and introducing new features created with user experience in mind. Managing Director Scott Mawby commented, “I am very pleased to announce the launch of our new website. With the advancements in technology and fast pace of how business is now conducted, it was very important for us to invest in a new website that better connects us with our customers and provides an easier way of doing business. We feel, as a business, that the new website reflects our capabilities more clearly and helps us prepare for future growth.”

The website is split into three definite divisions and users have the option to narrow down our extensive product portfolio through these divisions or alternatively through industry type. The idea of this is to ensure you get the best out of our website in as few clicks as possible. Once viewing a product page, you can simply scroll through a series of tabs to view interesting information on that product and additionally have the option to access more detailed, technical product information, case studies and technical articles through a downloads tab, which merely requires the submission of a valid email address. Each product page will also helpfully highlight and recommend complementary products and services associated with that product from across the business, allowing us to show off our full product portfolio and potential of our group as a whole, whilst maintaining simple navigation for our users. The introduction of a live, interactive map showcases our presence and fantastic support network and allows users to quickly access relevant support contact details for their location. The top bar of the website, featuring a contact number and social media links will be fixed at all times, eliminating the need for scrolling and we have also introduced a careers page, where exciting new vacancies will be posted on a regular basis. You can also stay up to date with the company by browsing through the news and events pages, which can again be filtered by business division to eliminate time, clicks and scrolling. Users can expect to find corporate announcements, new innovations and other general business activity in these sections.

The site has been designed by Clear, the creative digital agency in Shrewsbury using the latest technology, meaning the site is compatible with all of today’s web browsers and mobile devices. Happy exploring!